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About National Adventure Tour & Trek

National Adventures Tour & Trek (NATT) is a premier Inbound Tour Company licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) & registered with Regional Trade. We have the ability and capacity to handle the complexities and unpredictable demands of the business with efficiency and successfully satisfied clients from all over the world. We have the required expertise covering a wide range of tour activities like: Culture & Festivals, Wedding & Honeymoon, Spiritual & Meditation, Buddhism & Monasteries, Nature & Birding, Trekking & Camping, Wellness & Hiking, Textile & Handicrafts and Local Rituals in the rural etc.

Our individually Customized Tour Programs will be designed to suit conveniences and varying interests of groups or individuals to choose for Adventurous, Action Packed itineraries, Family Centric and Leisure Programs. Our experiences affirm that while some look for challenging exploration and thrilling adventures, some prefer to immerse themselves in peaceful and serene environments to bask in the pristine nature of Bhutan in the Himalayas.

Mission & Goal

Service is the first, flexibility being a must, and value being the best. Taking this idea as our vision and target, we always set goals for offering the service of the highest quality to travelers from all over the world; making ours the best known brand of inbound and outbound operator in a healthy and well-ordered tourist environment; providing the perfect products with a top class international service.


We have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we sell. Travel is our passion.


We are proud to have a high number of loyal customers and 98% of our customers consider our service to be excellent.


We are a privately owned family company with offices in the heart of Bhutan.


We constantly negotiate exceptional hotel deals and exclusives for our customers.

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