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Travel Information

Know what to expect before you book

Booking Procedure

You are just behind 7 simple steps to be in Bhutan.

1) Decide where to travel and only upon confirming Bhutan as your travel destination then you can switch on to the next step.

2) Contact us via email or phone and give us confirmation about your coming to Bhutan.

3) Decide what you want in your travel package and write us accordingly or we can together design a customized itinerary best to your needs.

4) After you are done with the tour planning, email us a clear copy of your passport along with the completely filled Visa Application Form/email us with the following details

  • Full Nam:
  • Gender
  • Permanent Address:
  • Date and Place of Birth:
  • Occupation:
  • Nationality:
  • Passport Number:
  • Date and place of Issue:
  • Date of expiration:
  • Date of Visa Requirement:

(Please ensure that your passport has minimum six months validity at the point of arrival in Bhutan) We have an online account with the TCB to apply your visa, for which we have to fed all information's such as finalized Itinerary, Scanned copy of passport, flight details etc..

5) Bank wire the full tour payment as calculated by us along with USD $40 (One time visa fee). Remit the tour payment as specified by us stating ultimate beneficiary as M/s. Sacred Destination Travel. Please email the bank wire transfer receipt copy to us for our office reference. On receiving the tour payment it is mandatory to further deposit the amount into TCB's account and the money is withheld by TCB until the end of the trip. By doing so your payment is fully secured.

6) Only upon the payment receipt the VISA will be approved by the TCB. Entire tours to Bhutan are pre-paid and VISA is granted by Government subject to advance payment only. We will process your visa within 10 working days. Upon receiving the VISA clearance from the Tourism Council of Bhutan we will immediately email you with the VISA clearance (Softcopy) confirming your tour to Bhutan fully secured. Please print the visa clearance because you won't be allowed to purchase DrukAir ticket without the visa clearance.

7) Pack your bags and fly to Bhutan as per the itinerary finalized we await to welcome you to the Land of the Thunder Dragon.